Data Curation

Prepare your data for analytics and machine learning through data cleansing and integration. Learn the variety of your data and predict missing fields. Leverage crowd expertise for domain knowledge.

Cohort Analytics

Identify relationships between the characteristics of a population and that population's behavior over time. Analyze retention, funnels, and behavioral patterns of each cohort to support business decisions.

Opinion Mining

Conduct sentiment analysis to identify, extract, and quantify affective states and subjective information for financial business. Gather deep insights on customers’ preferences and interests using natural language processing.

Classification & Regression

Predict values or classify data points. Useful for a wide range of applications: risk analysis, image recognition, user segmentation, churn detection, patient diagnosis and more.

Anomaly Detection

Find unusual instances or patterns in your data pool and easily select or filter them. Applicable to fraud detection, intrusion detection, agile trading, outlier analysis, among others.

Association Discovery

Discover implicit correlations among the intricate entities in your data pool as well as valuable associations within high dimensional data. Extract relevant relationships to facilitate comprehensive analysis in your business.

Deep Learning as a Service

Promote business intelligence with deep learning techniques.

Blockchain-based Cloud

Enable organization-wide, tamperproof sharing of information with a strong guarantee of data security and privacy.