For Mobile and Web Analytics

Get a complete data analytics pipeline which is able to consume various types of data easily and quickly produce meaningful visualizations. Understand your clients' retention rates, lifetime value and spending behaviour. Contact us to arrange a demo at your earliest convinience!


Our backend engine allows cohort queries to be executed up to 1000 times faster than traditional SQL and NOSQL databases. Get answers quickly, ask more questions in the same amount of time. Cohort analysis on big datasets can now be performed at near real-time!


No longer be constrained to taking single user events as a cohort's birth condition. Have absolute control over what defines your users' cohorts. Create and execute complex queries easily, ask questions that you previously could not.


Beautiful, easy to understand visuals.

SCAPE is not just a backend system; we provide a clean and visually appealing graphical user interface for clients' that do not already have a data visualization software. Clients' who prefer to use Tableau or proprietary data visualization tools can opt to use our backend APIs with their frontend of choice.

What is Cohort Analysis?

Cohort Analysis is centered around the idea of a cohort; a group of users with a common defining characteristic. Commonly, cohorts are created by join/sign up date. The cohort and its peers are analyzed according to the cohort metric, usually retention rates across time periods, but other metrics such as spending and session time are viable as well.